Protection of Personal Data

By completing and submitting the registration form, or by completing the questionnaire as the case may be, the customer agrees that data included in these documents will be collected by M2H GLOBAL Ltd., as the personal data administrator, and processed by M2H GLOBAL Ltd. or by persons authorized by them in the information system to provide membership benefits and for marketing purposes (e.g. distribution of catalogues or other printed matters to members, the sending of emails, etc. hereinafter referred to as “Communication”). This information system will be operated for an indefinite duration solely by M2H GLOBAL Ltd. for the purpose of Communication within the meaning of Law 101/2000 Coll. on the protection of personal data. Any use of personal data is determined by the framework and purpose of M2H GLOBAL Ltd. communication pursuing the interests of potential M2H GLOBAL Ltd. customers and the improvement of services. A person who completed the form has the right to have access to his/her personal data as well as other rights provided for in §21 of the above mentioned law. M2H GLOBAL Ltd. claims that data is processed by M2H GLOBAL Ltd.
The customer is at any time entitled to withdraw his/her approval either in part or completely. The customer also has the right to have access to his/her personal data, to have it corrected, to remove wording arising from data processing contrary to Law 101/2000 Coll., to block or remove incorrect data, and also has the rights provided for in §21 of Law 101/2000 Coll., particularly the right to make a written request to be informed of his/her personal data processed by the seller, the seller is obliged to answer appropriately without undue delay.