What is M2H?

is a company operating a platform
unifying all vendors in the IoT field. The company was founded
in England as spin-off...

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Building an information technology
infrastructure is incredibly complex
and expensive for small, medium
size or growing businesses.

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How to start?

Contact M2H Business Director
and arrange a meeting or send us
brief information about your
company and your product.

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What is M2H?

M2H GLOBAL Ltd. is a company operating a platform unifying all vendors in the field of IoT.

The company was founded in England as a spin-off of the successful company JABLOTRON.

The aim of the company is to simplify and automate control via a web interface and mobile applications in:

  • smart homes
  • offices
  • industry

M2H Provides

  • E2E HW design and communication
  • Security and protection of your devices
  • Work with data and evaluation of unforeseen situations and errors
  • Detailed analysis of data for product development and working with customers

Benefits of cooperation with M2H

  • We share many years of experience in the area of electronic systems development
  • Our cloud-based solution offers the possibility of integrating technology management with user-friendly household components on several levels
  • Experience with complete product life cycle
  • Sophisticated system of data analysis for better understanding of customer's needs and improving after-sales activities
  • M2H as an open HW platform for connecting third-party vendors
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Building an information technology infrastructure is incredibly complicated and expensive for small, medium size or growing businesses. Moreover, the question of security or data safety must be fulfilled regardless of economic or technological thresholds. During the last decade many improvements in the field of quality and security have taken place. These have covered project management, customer relations management, and data backup. Even though existing software tools might not be the best in their respective classes, they provide complexity and help us to build up a system which we call “security in deep”.

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How to start?

1. Contact the M2H Business Director and arrange a meeting or send us brief information about your company and your product. We will contact you as soon as possible, and always within the first 24 hours.

2. Use contact form

3. We will send you all the M2H materials by post, which you can then examine in detail.

4. The Technical Department of M2H will develop a technical concept solution, and this will be presented to the customer, together with a project time estimate and price framework.

5. The customer’s specification is created in collaboration with M2H, to which are entered the integration requirements for connection to the M2H system. The innovation potential of the connected product is, at the same time, delineated and specified. A binding timetable with respect to planning capacity and final product price for the customer is determined.

6. After mapping the basic outline of the project, the impact on production and price, a signed contract may follow and development work begin according to the agreed timetable.

7. Subsequently, development takes place according to the follow-up process, which will generally vary with regard to individual development and production entity.

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There are many cloud platforms on the market. In the case of a customer using those platforms we offer the IoT Fusion concept.

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More details about M2H IoT Fusion

This means integration on the cloud interface level. We usually use the REST API standard interface, but we are ready to customize the interface based on customer demands.

Interconnection of clouds brings opportunities for cross-functionality on the level of cloud or IoT devices. This creates a cross-platform over different third-party devices which can be used for enhancing the functionality of the product.

More about CLOUD & Data validation

Key features:

- High level integration

- Customizable API interface

- Cross-platform functionality

- Fast deployment

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Just two words can describe our solution when talking about fast cloud connection. “Simply” and “Securely”.

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More details about M2H Connector

With our M2H "ready-to-go" module you can quickly and easily reach cloud connection of your product while maintaining security and simplicity of solution. Our integration-Platform-as-a-Service (iPaaS) provides translation and syncing layer capabilities over a wide variety of communication protocols and standards. "Plug-and-play" is the way how to instantly start with the M2H Cloud.

The M2H Module is based on a high-attainable GSM network connection proven in the field for more than 20 years, dating back to the 1990's. It may not be so “juicy”, but we’d bet our lives on it that it works. Moreover, our standardized connector provides a direct way for HW deployment of your new product and speeds-up development process as it can run in parallel.

A simplified API along with the ANSI C Library for embedded integration is an additional benefit for developers who face integration.

Key features:

- "Ready-to-go" solution

- Minimal impact to existing product

- Fast and easy product deployment

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Significant experience in the field of embedded HW, FW and SW development has lead us to start providing complete integration of the M2H Cloud solution-as-a-service to our customers.

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More details about M2H Air

We offer integration into core products. We are able to innovate products, integrate M2H and go through the whole manufacturing and certification process.

In the case of existing HW interfaces with product internet connection, we can provide purely SW low-level integration of M2H. A customer doesn't lose already expended investment cost and simply raises the innovation level of the product.

Key features

- Customization

- Innovation potential

- Skilled teams to support your product

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CLOUD & Data evaluation

Why do we distinguish between the Cloud and IoT Cloud? Because we know the difference between a device and an embedded device. We know the effort and the passion of hundreds of developers who have spent a lot of time building the infrastructure that we are proud of.

The infrastructure we use is completely our own architecture and has been intensively built over many years with a special focus on securing IoT applications. We know how to face issues such as constant connection of low-power devices, secure device enrollment etc.

By Cloud, we mean a special kind of high-attainable IT infrastructure which provides resources and/or services over the internet. One of the most important and useful function of the Cloud is storage service and data mining. Over the years, we have discovered how to integrate data-mining techniques into normal day-to-day activities and it became common place in our systems, while reducing costs and raising the efficiency of the infrastructure.

The emerging Cloud Data Mining trends provide a unique benefit of access to data which turns into a valuable insight of business objectives. However, Cloud infrastructure represents both software and hardware delivered as a service over the internet.

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M2H Cloud solution scheme

Field Zone

The very first part of the cloud system is a field zone. The field zone consists of end devices and connector gateways installed in the field. Based on the type of device, data connection or communication demands, we use the industrial standard of the RAMS methodology. R (Reliability), A (Availability), M (Maintainability) and S (Safety). When connecting a new device, we always consider the way of interconnection based on the RAMS principle. This leads to different methods of data processing in the real-time zone.

Real-Time Zone

The real-time zone is a scalable SW module which provides constant connection of each single device. This zone holds up to millions of devices online and offers end device reaction in a couple of seconds, usually no more than 3s. Moreover, this zone integrates many of the standard ICT protocols for third-party devices which have already implemented a standard way of communication based on this kind of protocol. It also opens the way for implementation of a proprietary protocol from any manufacturer.

Data Zone

The Data Zone is the core part of the cloud system. It is based on a robust database engine which is able to serve millions of requests per second. The data flow is controlled by a broker which helps to optimize the computing power of the core data system. The whole system secures the customer's data as per law, therefore, the data zone is highly protected, monitored and secured.

Application zone

The key part from the customer point of view is the application zone. The application running on the server provides the interface through APIs and creates a security barrier between the core data and the outside world. The application itself provides the basic functionality in a way of implementation of the customer's use-case. The application zone is maintained by us to keep the security of the whole system. Customer data can be reached via the API interface which can be customized based on the customer's demands.

Interface zone

The interface zone provides data access based on the REST API. This is the way the customer reaches the data. Based on the platform of the final application, the provided API obviously differs. The figure shows four basic types of interface which correspond with iOS, Android, WWW and desktop.

Cloud HMI

When using the API interface we offer a different kind of information access based on roles. The basic division we use is customer role, partner role, vendor role and installer role. Therefore, the same data are interpreted based on the sign-up role. The roles can be slightly customized as per the needs of the customer. We apply read-back strategy when using HMI, which means that the information which is visualized on the screen is already verified and has passed through the whole cloud system to the device and back. Most of the time common latency is less than 3s. This kind of safety concept is probably the biggest difference to other clouds on the market.

SMS Subsystem

Based on the previous experience we decided to build our own SMS infrastructure all over the world. Nowadays, we have more than 50 SMS gateways running in more than 50 countries. These are able to communicate directly to the device through the local GSM provider. This helps us to offer a security back-up channel and to obtain better latencies in communication when needed.

M2H Cloud

M2H Certificate

The ISO:27001 certificate guarantees and keeps the security level of our infrastructure. This is an endless process which we love following day-by-day for our consumers, so as to keep their data safe.

The M2H Mobile app provides

Online expenses overview

Automatic notification

Fault reporting

Monitoring of surrounding

Home alarm – Security

Regular reports on spending and saving

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Our team chemistry is our essential feature. We’ve created it with patience, strongly devoted to our goals.

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